A5 Premium Matsusaka Beef + Nakaise hot-spring spa + Regional revitalization project by long-established brewery shop association


Starting soon


■Steak/Misugi Resort ×Mineta Koji branch

■Shabu shabu/ Inokuraonsen ×yamani zousu

■Sukiyaki/ Seisho Nagon × Tsujioka Brewery



We start to sell A5 "Outstanding" Matsusaka Beef!!
Exceeds all the A5 Matsusaka Beef. Of course by far the best of all the brand beef in Japan!!
We use a certain index called "BMS" which indicates the fat quality. Usually, A5 is from 8 -12 of BMS. This A5 "Outstanding" marks the highest 12. Also, usual A5 beef is an age of 25-6 months. However, this beef is an age of 32 months.
It means that the feed cost goes quite higher. But the taste is much more better and deeper.
This is A5 "Outstanding".
Must check it out!! You can enjoy steaks in Misugi Resort.