Route for train

By Kintetsu rail

Sakakibara Onsenguchi (榊原温泉口) station
Kintetsu rail is connecting from Osaka to Kyoto, Nara, Mie and Nagoya.
It takes 1hour and 15min. from Osaka and Nagoya.
You have to reserve free shuttle bus to hotel. It takes 25 min. to hotel.

By JR rail

Ise Yachi (伊勢八知) station
JR meisho line is connecting from Matsusaka (松阪) to Ise Okitsu (伊勢奥津) station.
It is very rare local line and it runs only once per 2hours.
It takes 10min. to hotel by foot.
If you need to take you to hotel by car, please contact us. *You can use JR rail pass also.


Route for car

From Osaka

From Osaka National Highway Ueno East I. C, take Route 422 toward Aoyama. Turn left at the intersection of "A Co-op" Super Market, follow the signboard through Route 165 and enter the Road No. 15.

From Nagoya

Enter the Ise Expressway from the Eastern Meihan Expressway; go via Route Hisai I.C to National Route 165. Follow the signboard and enter the prefectural highway No. 15.



Local train, Only 1 line, Only 1 train, Once every 2 hours. But, Awesome scenery JR Meisho line runs once every 2 hours. You have to wait for 2 hours until next train comes, if you passed the train. Quite inconvenient. But Great experience.Depart from city area and pass through rice field area, then reach to great nature changing for every seasons. There is no local train such like JR Mesho line in Japan which the scenery changes variously within just 1 hour.