We provide activities regarding nature and Inaka (country-side) in this Satoyama area. Real Japan can be experienced only in Inaka. We have many activities for family, lovers, student trip and MICE. Those experience will become a great memory.


Baumkuchen Classroom (popular among adults)


Conducted throughout the year

We let you choose between normal baumkuchen and soy milk baumkuchen. We use wheat flour which is produced in Mie, rice powder from the rice produced in Misugi , butter, milk and sugarfor regular baumkuchen. And for the baumkuchen made of soy milk, we use wheat flour which is produced in Mie, rice powder from the rice produced in Misugi,soy milk,Iga vegetable oil ,deep sea salt, beet sugar, Aluminum Free Baking Powder etc all health friendly products. For both the types, we try to use the local ingredients of Mie, as much as possible. Making baumkuchen is all fun with your friends, your partner. However, we request adults to help theirs kids while making it.

Charges : ¥1800 (+tax)

※ Bookings taken for 2+ people.

※ Special discount is also available.

Starry sky tour


The starry sky of Misugi is splendid in real. You can see ultimately detailed stars in clear sky. And, you can also meet animals of Misugi, mostly DEERS. Sweet and quiet deers are sometimes the biggest reason for injuries from animals in Misugi. You can also see fireflies in a specific period of time.


For 4+ people: \900(+tax)

For 2-3 people: \700(+tax)

※ Special discount is also available.

Wood crafting classroom

Make your own nest boxes, tissue box!

Charges: ¥1,800(+tax)

※ Special discount is also available.

Bread making classroom

Make bread on your own and of your favourite shape.

Charges: ¥1,800(+tax)

※ Special discount is also available.

Pizza making classroom

Make an S size pizza by yourself. You can take it home or have it there only as freshly made hot pizza is the tastiest! And also the best companion for Hinotani Local Beer.

Charges: ¥2,200(+tax)

※ Special discount is also available.

Rice-cake making at buffet

Enjoy making Omochi, Japan’s Rice-cake at the time of Buffet.

※ Participation is free off cost.  


Small trip of old "shinto" pilgrim road to Ise

Let’s roam the old streets of Isehonkaido with the storytellers.

Charges: ¥1,800(+tax)

Bookings taken for 4+ people.



Seasonal event

GW Spring vacation, Golden week

Sakura tour, Night sakura tour, Bingo game, Night market

Early summer

Hotaru (fire fries) tour

Summer vacation

Water park, Outdoor pool, Warter melon cracking game, Catching the beetle, Catching fish and BBQ, Bingo game, Night market, Flowing Somen (noodle) in buffet restaurant.

Winter vacation, New year

Bingo game, Night market, New year rice-cake making show and New year's first visit tour to shrine.


Other event

Reservation is required.

Forest therapy

Misugi town is chosen as the forest therapy base which has healing power for human health. The double effect of soaking in the Onsen and soaking in the greenery is sure to relieve the everyday tiredness.



Nordic waliking

Nordic walking is origin from Finland for practicing during summer for nordic ski player. It is a high efficient exercise. By walking with two poles, more than 90% of body muscle will be motioned and burn the calorie 30 - 40% more than standard walking.



Authentic wooden craft

You can make table, chair and etc. by using local wood.



Wild crafting and cooking class

You walk around resort to get eatable wild grass, then cook and eat it.


Zen and hearing Buddhist monk's preach

You can purify your heart by Zen and hearing Buddhist monk's preach.



Agricultural experience

You can harvest vegetables and eat them.



Harvesting autumn mountain vegetables

You can harvest autumn mushrooms, yam potatoes and etc.



Splitting fire wood

We use timber from forest thinning and split them.