It is brewed with finest spring water.

You can enjoy the taste and aroma like wine


Young brewers' brothers are challenging new and unique but traditional craft beer.

“I want to drink that great beer once more!” the owner of Misugi Resort made Hinotani Brewery with a great enthusiasm. The PALE ALE, when the owner was in America and had this beer. After returning to Japan, he was searching for the same taste of beer but he couldn’t find it. In order to reproduce it, brewery was made in the land of Misugi. The owner's intention is to import American brewery facilities as they are. The taste of “Hinotani Beer” is the taste our owner wanted to reproduce by all means. Currently, two young brothers make this beer. Trying different styles, not only the typical ale beer or lager beer but seizing all other types, we really try to make exquisite beer. Even in case of the label, carefully creating the vivid designs, we make such labels that you feel like having them in your collection.



Excellence of designing beer by brewmaster

Water is the most important to brew beer. We use the finest spring water from Hinotani valley which is no contamination because there are no people living upper of the valley. We dare not to add any chemicals on the water. We believe that craft beer must be made from the natural water belonged there.


Project ‘Producing beer using the local ingredients’

The local farmers of Misugi use organic rice for making Hinotani Lager Beer and in case of Ninja Beer, rice called ‘Ukon Nishiki’ and ‘Iga Black Rice’ is used. Each was also selected for the Miue Selection and the Hinotani Lager was awarded the BRONZE MEDAL at the International Beer Fair. We are currently planning to cultivate barley malt. We are striving to revitalize the regional economy, by strengthening the inter-industry linkages in Misugi.







Real taste of handmade bread baked in a large stone kiln that can only be tasted here


We bake beer yeast bread by big stone oven.

We use local ingredients for bread like wheat, salt and natural spring water. The yeast is made from Hinotani beer. By fermenting for 15 hours, the texture of bread becomes so smooth and by baking quickly in high temperature, the water content remains higher than other mass-productive breads on the market. Try our extraordinary hand-made bread.


Talking about our water

We use the natural spring water for our dishes, beer and breads. This is no contamination water. Of course you can drink the water from the tap in your room. Feel natural characteristic of our water. You must try it.