Amago fishing and lunch (11am)

Time spent well sitting on the overflowing greenery, breathing the pure air ,fishing, playing in the river makes a fullproof plan for your moodchange with your beloved ones.





Buffet dining with a lot of variety food such as Japanese, Chinese, Western and also ample of a variety of deserts makes the best gourmet meal. The menu changes according to the season.



After enjoying KARAOKE, it’s time to rest a while in private onen. Crystal clear water that smells of the woods of Misugi will definitely heal your fatigue and will give you the perfect relaxation!



Nordic Walking(9am)

Nordic Walking is a walking activity movement aided by holding two poles, which increases the movement effect more than general fitness activities. Regardless of age or sex, Nordic Walking can be enjoyed by everybody and unlike general walking exercise neck and shoulder blood circulation acceleration can also be forged by actively using the upper body muscles. As an aerobic exercise using more than 90% of body muscles Nordic Walking doesn’t exhaust you soon so you can exercise for a decent amount of time

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Lunch at YAMAZATO after check-out (famous for Deermeat)


Very famous in the local area. The deermeat, boar meat and fish are properly checked and then served to the customers. You can also get to taste the deer’s liver or heart sometimes. And also a variety of fresh vegetables. It feels very homely at this restaurant. It’s just a 3 mins walk away from the Yachi Station.


川魚料理お食事処 山里