Pizza classroom (2pm)

It's a class where you learn to make a small size pizza. Taking the pizza to Hotel ANNEX and having it with Hinotani Local Beer is the best combination.


Room meal(6pm)

Having Misugi Resort special “Matsusaka Steak Kaiseki Meal Set” your in-room meal(6pm~) after playing table tennis will give you just satisfaction. Entering private onsen that has natural beautiful smell of the trees around would be the perfect plan for the day!


KARAOKE, Night tour(8pm)

Enjpying the KARAOKE to the fullest, watching the beautiful starry sky of Misugi is the perfect meaning of enjoyment. You can also encounter some wild animals like Deers, Boar etc. on the starry night tour. And also you can use our private onsen after coming back to the hotel.



Forest Therapy (9 am)

Misugi village as a part of Tsu town helds 90 percent of the forest with the whole area designated as Akame Ichishiky? Prefectural Natural Park and the western parts mountain region Mur?-Akame-Aoyama Quasi-National Park. There are many sightseeing spots just as 1000m high Mt. Ohara, Mt. Kuroso, natural Todai Kinki region path, Mitake no sakura cherry blossom seeing spot, Kimigano dam, Kitabatake garden, Kiriyama castle etc. There are 6 forest therapy bases with 12 different therapy roads set: Kimigano dam base which is centered on kimigano dam and Mt. Takatsuka, Tagekitabatake base which offers a stroll to Kiriyama castle, Mitakeohara base spreaded from Mitake to Mt. Ohara area, Nisshinnishiura base with woodland path or promenade facing the foot of Mt. Kuroso, the forest paths of Hirakura base lying along clear streams and the fire valley base where you can walk around fire valley onsen, the only onsen of Misugi village.

See more for the details.



Lunch at Shoan after check-out.


生粉打ちそば処 庄庵