Ninja experience package finally starts!! It is introduced by NHK special!

Dinner is special Japanese set menu with "Ninja beer hot pot"!


Misugi Resort, Iga Ninja Museum, Iga Ninja Train and Mie Pref. are united to make this tour package.
You have to complete some mission regarding Ninja!!
You have to visit us by train because there is a mission using Ninja train.


When you check in, you will get mission paper and Ninja costume.
Then, your mission will start in hotel, Ninja train, Ninja museum and more.
Ninja train has different time schedule by day. So you have to check the time schedule inside hotel. This is also one of missions.


Special Japanese set menu with "Ninja beer hot pot"

-The story of Ninja pot-It is pork shabu-shabu in black-coloured soup.The reason why it is called Ninja pot is below.
1.The soup is included Ninja beer which is our new beer. It is brewed with malts and Iga ancient black rices and it is dark coloured beer like Ninja costume.
2.The exploding foam of beer is like smoke screen that Ninja used.


Seasonal appetizer, Udon, Sashimi on Ship-shaped dish, Ninja beer hot pot, Egg curd, etc.