Message from the CEO

Misugi town of Tsu city was a part of Ichishi district in Showa period and it got merged with Tsu city in Heisei era. It is a vast city,which occupies about one-third of Tsu city. Misugi Town has once prospered very well as a provincial governor of Ise. A lot of historic heritages are still there in Misugi along with its customs and culture.There are still many historic heritage, culture and customs still. After the war, the forestry of Misugi became a key industry by afforestation policy and the town grew. However, now it is suffering from rapidly declining population, low birthrate and aging population. In the town where the core industries are gone, we will work to connect the people, nature, culture and history of Misugi Town to tourism and make it a town easy to live again. Tourism is a unique industry that connects various industries. By creating various linkages around tourism, we will strive to contribute to the development of regional economy.


Name of company Misugi Resort, Inc.
Address Mie Prefecture, Tsu city, Misugi Yachi 5990
TEL & FAX TEL:059-272-1101  FAX:059-272-1160
Representative Nakagawa Youki (CEO)
Establishment Date 1st March, 1954
Capital 50 million yen
Business Details

Ryokan style hotel


Beer Brewery

Baker manufacturing