Tokai nature road in Mt. Obora and Mt. Amagatake - the stone tatami road of Mt. Obora −

It takes 15 mins. Drive from our hotel to the start point of Climbing Amagatake on Tokai Nature road. From there when you pass Odake (1013m) and Medake (985m) of Mt. Obora, you will reach at the trailhead Amagatake of Tokai Natural walkway. You will see the moss road of stone pavement spread widely when you enter the foot of Mt. Obora. Sometimes the when the sun reaches to this ground and all the moss shines fresh green, it’s a fascinating sight. It’s good for mountaineering too and a walk too. The Tokai Nature Road is basically a 1300km long road that links the two Meiji No Mori Takao National Park of Tokyo and Meiji No Mori Mino National Park of Osaka, their natural beauty and the cultural assets. Did you know about this secret wonder near Misugi Resort?


Sighseeing spot around us.

Ise Grand shrine (About 90 mins by car from the hotel)

On 62nd ceremonial year of Ise Jingu (2013), both Naiku and Geku were reconstructed.

Okage street front side Ise grand shrine
Reccommended place on the way to Ise Jingu. A variety of souvenir shops and meals are lining up in this old-fashioned street

Kimigano dam (10 minutes away from hotel by car)
It’s a multipurpose dam built by using the water of Hatematagawa River. It’s a famous spot to visit during spring which is Sakura season and in Autumn for fall.

Kitabatake shrine and garden (One of the 3 samurai gardens in Japan)

It is one of the 3 samurai gardens in Japan. And has a scenic beauty in Autumn.

Akame 48 falls

Akame 48 falls is a famous tourist spot where you roam around 48 waterfalls and mainly, this place meets is perfection of natural beauty in Autumn.

Kaochidani (50 minutes from hotel by car)

On both sides of the mountain stream cliffs and columnar massive rocks like scraped with heavenly axes show magnificent natural beauty. In autumn all mountains that are said to be Kansai Yuichi are beautiful and autumn leaves.

Soni plateau (50 minutes away from hotel by car)

The grassland spread in Nara, near from Mie, gives you the best eyesight during Autumn with its golden grass.

Small trip of old "shinto" pilgrim road to Ise
Isehonkaido and its its goodwill~ Get in JR Meisho train and explore the history of misugi with storytellers…… a must try ORIGINAL Plan of misugi.

Tourism Mie

Full tourist information of Mie prefecture .