A boy… holding big tree!

Directed by Yaguchi Shinjo!

Youthful forestry entertainment with no burden,laughter, excitement and shocking..nothing like anything seen before! The most awaited work of Shingabusa Yaguchi of this time. The director Yaguchi who has been delivering laughter and all deep emotions to thw whole country by his unique themes, had chosen “Forestry” this time. The base of this work is Miura Shigenori 's bestselling novel "Shinobu Naohana everyday" (published by Tokuma Shoten).In this open world of Yaguchi , all the entrapped feelings are unwrapped.This is a comedy as well as wild story. Yuki (Shiotaku Shibuya) is a young boy who fails University entrance exam,get vheated by his girlfriend, somehow sails through his high school graduation ceremony.Then he decides to participate in a one-year forestry training program to escape from the city just to follow a beautiful girl he has barely seen on the cover of a brochure. He comes to an extreme village area where he barely get some range for his mobile, a village full of deers,insects etc and starts working under a senior, Yoki(Hideaki Ito) , a wild savvy man and also a rigorous workplace where all his energy just seems to be insufficient.Just when he tries to escape from this hard life in village, he understands that the beautiful girl he saw in the cover of a brochure Naoki (Nagasawa Masami)lives in the same village and then he decides to continue staying there. His new lifestyle in this village, the tremendous work,surrounding of clever people gradually changes him. Where will this love story take him? Will he return safely???

Cast & Staff

Director / Screenplay: Shigeru Yaguchi
Original: "kamusari nana nichijou" (published by Tokuma Shoten)

Cast: Shinta Aya / Masami Nagasawa / Hideaki Ito etc







The location of the movie is Misugi . Masayoshi Shibuya, Masami Nagasawa, Hideaki Ito and other major casts and staff were staying at Misugi Resort for about two months.